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26 March, 2024

Tablelands council still to be finalised

FIRST-time councillors for the Tablelands are excited and ready to get down to business but it is still unknown when the new representatives will be able to be sworn in, with slow counting holding up the declaration of the poll.

Kylie Lang (above) looks comfortable in Division 6, while Con Spanos (below) was elected unopposed in Division 5.
Kylie Lang (above) looks comfortable in Division 6, while Con Spanos (below) was elected unopposed in Division 5.

Mayor Rod Marti appears to have an unassailable lead of 883 votes over his opponent David Clifton, with 80% of votes counted.

In Division 4, candidates are anxiously awaiting the outcome, with Maree Baade leading Cameron McColl by 82, with preferences yet to be distributed, and 82% of the vote counted.

Kylie Lang (Division 6) and Con Spanos (Division 5) and are ready to be sworn in as Tablelands Regional councillors, joining Crs Kevin Cardew, Dave Bilney and Annette Haydon around the table.

For Ms Lang, who looks comfortable to win the division from incumbent Bernie Wilce, getting into the role can’t come quick enough.

“I am excited and up for it,” she said, revealing it was her 15-year-old son that really talked her into putting her hand up for council.

“People had asked whether I would consider running so that planted the seed but it was 15-year-old who said ‘go for it mum’,” she said.

Ms Lang is well known in the region in her volunteer role with the SES (now Local Controller) and as the manager of the Atherton Show and says she plans to continue in these roles.

“I’ll be busy but I love being busy,” she said.

“I just love doing things in the community.”

Facing Budget deliberations is not phasing Ms Lang who says he just wants to make sure that whatever projects are supported in the budget will be of benefit to the community.

“I also heard while I was campaigning that people want to be heard so we need to make sure that everybody gets an equal say, regardless of whether its farming, tourism or the business sector,” she said.

For Con Spanos, who was elected unopposed in Division 5, it’s been an “uncomfortable” time because he did not get an opportunity to campaign and tell the community what he stood for.

“I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by it all – I came out early to say I was going to stand and no one nominated which I hope means people know me and thought I’d be a good councillor,” he said.

“I have asked myself ‘have I really earned this?’ but I have lived all my life here and I have been involved in local rugby league, the P&C and the Lions Club so I have am known by a lot of people and have been a part of the Tablelands since I was born.”

Mr Spanos knows setting the Budget will be a testing time for new councillors but wants to see the Priors Creek redevelopment really take off in this term of office.

“We also need to tackle other issues like homelessness because it eventually has effects on the whole community so you can’t ignore it. 

“We have to look at how the council can be involved in reducing these sorts of issues that affect the community’s overall wellbeing.”

A TRC spokesperson said council was hoping the poll would be declared by Tuesday afternoon, which would allow the council to be sworn in on Thursday before the Easter break.


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