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16 September, 2023

Telpara sale to be one of Northern Australia’s biggest by single vendor

THE north’s largest on-property stud auction sale will be held at the Telpara Hills Bull Depot, Tolga on Saturday.

By Brigitte Daley

World class genetics on your doorstep: Stephen and Fiona Pearce in front of some of Telpara’s high calibre Brangus and UltraBlack bulls which will be sold this Saturday.
World class genetics on your doorstep: Stephen and Fiona Pearce in front of some of Telpara’s high calibre Brangus and UltraBlack bulls which will be sold this Saturday.

One of the premiere events on the northern cattle industry calendar, this year’s highly anticipated on-property sale will feature 106 bulls and 40 elite heifers.

This is the fourth year that the sale will be conducted, it has been a success since the first one was held in 2020.

Brittany Pearce of Telpara Hills said after many successful years selling at the Australian Brangus sales in Rockhampton and Roma, Telpara realised that many of their clients were already in North Queensland.   

“With our own sale, we could service our clients' needs better and offer more choice and quality in numbers,” Brittany said.

“Since Telpara Hills began breeding Brangus in the mid-2000s, the popularity of the breed has grown hugely in our area.

“Not only is this due to them being outstanding cattle, but it has also been driven by consumer demand for higher quality beef. 

“Butchers, wholesalers and the major abattoirs have been eager to source Telpara Hills sired animals and our customers have consistently earned higher returns for their calves.”

A special feature of this year’s sale is that Telpara’s first true F1 UltraBlack bulls and females will be on offer.

“What this means is that Telpara Hills has bred the top Angus sires with our best Telpara Brangus females, creating a special animal that has all the qualities of the best Angus, with added heat and tropical adaptation,” Brittany said. 

“They are extremely impressive. 

“The lot 1 bull, Telpara Hills Avalanche 468S12, already nearly broke the scales, weighing 1050kg at only 23 months of age and has a marbling percentage of 6.8%, which in the cattle world is huge.

“Importantly, we think this is the year that local producers who have been waiting to buy a Telpara Hills bull or female, but have thought it might be out of their budget, should consider buying. 

“The quality of the sale offering gets better every year, but with the cattle market fluctuating, savvy buyers will likely pick up Telpara Hills bulls and females at great value for money in 2023.”

Elders stud stock specialist Anthony Ball will be conducting this year’s sale. 

“Anthony, a true local, has been a great supporter of our family and has worked with us for many years,” Brittany said.

“Cattle producers respect Anthony because he is straight-forward, is true to his word, works hard, and knows great cattle.

“We are thankful to work so closely with him and his team at Elders.

 “Our family truly appreciates the support we have been given by the northern cattle industry and we are committed to making the Tablelands a destination for high-quality beef. 

“We have such natural bounty here, now we have the right cattle to suit our area and create something very special, like a ‘King Island’ of the North.

“Last year, working with Doug Cross, a Telpara Hills steer scored in the top 1% ranking for Meat Standards Australia (MSA) graded animals in the local beef competition. 

“Everything we do is focused on creating more profit for our customers, so they are happy to return.”

Elders stud stock specialist Anthony Ball said there will be an outstanding line of bulls and females on offer at this year’s sale.

“As for Brangus and UltraBlack cattle, this sale is one of the largest single vendor offerings in Australia,” Anthony said.

“I really like the commercial attributes of the animals on offer - weight for age, plenty of carcass, big intramuscular fat (IMF) scores and very good eye muscle area (EMA’s).

“I feel that this is the best line of bulls that Telpara have put together to date.

“There’s a lot of selection in the bulls.

“I am excited about the sons of some new sires which will be debuting at the sale, in particular Paratrooper and Texas Iceman.”

Gates open at 8am, with the sale to commence at 11am. Local food and coffee vendors - Tropical Smoke, Bec and Joe's and Ulyssess coffee have been invited to this welcoming and exciting event.

Online buying is also a great option and the Telpara Hills sale is one of the most active online stud sales in Australia.


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