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18 May, 2022

Thank you to local midwives

IN CELEBRATION of International Day of Midwifes recently, a group of midwifes, mums and bubs hosted a morning tea and a “walk with the midwifes” to thank and raise the profile of local midwifes.

Thank you to local midwives - feature photo

A-Mama (Atherton Midwives and Mothers Alliances) is a group of midwives and mums who come together to support each other and improve local maternity services. Bringing out their strollers and a banner, the group got together to walk the Main Street in Atherton to help bring awareness to midwives and the important role in the community. 

The group was treated to a morning tea as well as gift packages of postpartum items which were also given to women birthing in the Atherton Hospital. Mid-wife and expecting mother Jennifer Keil said it was fantastic to see mothers and midwives come together and work to creating a better birthing experience for both parties. 

“We formed a few years ago as a way to implement the new model of care for midwifery in the Atherton Hospital,” she said. “It’s become more potent to me now that I am having a child and it’s a great way to meet with more like-minded mums and midwives in the community. “We are advocating for improved conditions not only for the mothers birthing, but for the midwives who we want to have a just as comfortable experience.”


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