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22 January, 2023

The birthday card that kept on giving

A STORY BY CARINYA RESIDENT SHEILA CONDON: Years ago, back in 1992, I bought a card for my sister Joyce’s birthday

Joyce and Sheila together at Carinya Home of the Aged in 2021
Joyce and Sheila together at Carinya Home of the Aged in 2021

I don’t know what made me think of it, whether I had heard of someone doing it, or read about it somewhere, but I decided to write the year at the top of the page with a short birthday greeting beside it so that we could exchange it between ourselves year after year.

The exchange went on for many years, the greetings full of the love we had for each other.

We had so much fun passing the card back and forth between us – sometimes, when we lived next door to each other in Ravenshoe, we could just hand it over the fence to each other.

Other times, when I was living away in other towns like Ingham, we had to post it.

It is a much-travelled card, and very special!

Eventually, in 2012 the card was filled up with these greetings and we started a new one! I’d actually forgotten about it the last few years and it was only recently that it came to light again. So many people commented on how lovely it was that I decided to tell the story of the card.


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