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15 May, 2024

Tolga teenager reaps reward for big catch

A TOLGA teenager has picked up $26,250 after reeling in a 92cm Barramundi at Lake Tinaroo on Anzac Day.

Tolga teenager reaps reward for big catch - feature photo

Tate Gowan (pictured) caught the tagged fish as a part of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries' Fish 'n SIP$ tagged fishing competition, netting the $20,000 first prize as well as a bonus $6,250 for the first fish caught at Tinaroo.

"I fish at Tinaroo several times a week and have caught well over 150 barra out of the dam over the past couple of years," he said.

"The largest was last year at the inaugural Ash Memorial Fishing Competition, where I won the largest barra at 125cm.

"While this one didn't go as big as that, it's now my most memorable!"

The State-wide Fish 'n SIP$ tagged fishing competition involves seven dams that are stocked with the tagged fish for keen fishers to catch. 

Anyone who catches one of the tagged fish must first call 1800 077 001 to report their catch. 

They then must take several photos of the fish and themselves, a close-up photo of the InfoFish tag to verify the tag number, and one with a ruler.

They must then remove the tag from the fish and post it to InfoFish for final verification before the prizemoney can be awarded.

Tagged fish must be caught and reported by 30 November to be eligible.

Before anglers try their luck, they must acquire a Stocked Impoundment Permit (SIP) to fish with a line in the dam. 

SIPS permits are available for purchase online, through the QLD Fishing app, at Australia Post outlets throughout Queensland, or by phoning 1300 575 359. To find out more, go to 


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