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17 November, 2022

Urgent poppy seed recall

A NATIONWIDE recall has been made for poppy seeds, with the product being linked to the poisoning of at least six Queenslanders.

Urgent poppy seed recall - feature photo

Queensland Health advises the recalled products are not safe to consume and people who have purchased these recalled batches of poppy seeds should throw them out or return them to the place of purchase for a full refund.

This includes Eumarrah Poppy Seeds, Uttam KHUS KHUS POPPY (BLUE), Hoyts Poppy Seeds, Ganganis Premium Australian Poppy Seeds, East West Foods Wholesale seeds and Toyal Fields Poppy Seeds.

The list of poppy seed products being recalled on the Food Standards website (
The list of poppy seed products being recalled on the Food Standards website (

Ongoing investigations indicate the presence of unusually high levels of a naturally occurring chemical (thebaine) in the poppy seeds is likely causing this toxicity. The recalled products should not be consumed in any amount.

Reports of unusual and severe symptoms following poppy seed consumption have now resulted in at least six people requiring medical attention in Queensland after developing poisoning soon after ingestion, with additional cases nationally.

If you have consumed these products and are experiences any unusual or severe symptoms, particularly muscle cramping, spasms, abnormal movements, seizures and cardiac arrest, attend the emergency department immediately.

The Queensland Poisons Information Centre can be contacted 24/7 on 13 11 26 and can provide more information about poisons and what to do in suspected cases of poppy seed poisoning.

Queensland Health is working with all stakeholders and other jurisdictions to investigate the issue further.

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