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27 June, 2022

Vaccine mandates to lift in Queensland

FROM 1am this Thursday 30 June, vaccine requirements from a variety of categories will be eased.

Vaccine mandates to lift in Queensland - feature photo

From 30 June, mandatory Covid vaccinations will no longer be required for visitors to:

  • Residential aged care

  • Disability accommodation

  • Corrective service facilities

Employers of high risk workers will now have the decision whether or not their employees will need be to be vaccinated as well. 

High risk workplaces include:

  • Schools, early childhood education, outside school care, kindergartens, family day care

  • Prisons, community corrections, work camps

  • Police watch houses

  • Youth detention centres

  • Airports

  The public health directive mandating the COVID-19 vaccine for workers in healthcare, hospitals, aged care and disability care remains unchanged.  


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