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6 October, 2023

Valentine showcases wonders of Australia

A LOCAL man with a passion for the natural world has released the second edition of his book World Heritage Sites of Australia at Australia’s first International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS)  conference in Sydney.

Valentine showcases wonders of Australia - feature photo

Peter Valentine travelled to New South Wales last month to release the second edition of his book, which showcases world heritage sites across Australia, accompanied by photography and illustrations from several conservationists. 

With several copies sold at the event to environmentalists from across the world, Mr Valentine hopes they will help showcase the importance and beauty of Australia’s heritage sites. 

Exploring ancient rainforests that unveil the ancient ties of the Gondwana supercontinent and examining rock art that narrates a 60,000-year-old human settlement history, Mr Valentine unravels the unique qualities of each World Heritage site.

The book also showcases his unwavering dedication and enthusiasm for preserving and honouring these sites. 

The testament to his commitment shines through engaging dialogues with the late Kakadu Elder Bill Neidjie, thrilling diving escapades in the Great Barrier Reef, and the establishment of secure guidelines for swimming alongside whale sharks at the Ningaloo Coast.

Mr Valentine said the need to publish this book was more dire than ever, with events such as climate change threatening heritage sites across the world. 

“It will be a good opportunity to update the condition of the world heritage sites and the concerns of their long-term survival,” he said. 

“In addition to that, with this new edition, I had the opportunity to also review the illustrations that I think did a better job portraying the sites. 

“I think people were pleased to hear about the second edition being published.”

The second edition of World Heritage Sites of Australia is available to purchase at local bookstores or from


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