16 May, 2023

Volunteers needed for historic racing club

THE Mareeba Speedway is putting the call out to any interested rev heads with a love of racing to put their hands up and become part of the club’s volunteering family.

Volunteers needed for historic racing club - feature photo

The club celebrated its 50 years of rich racing history late last year with a special race meet and dinner and now, they are putting the call out for locals to become involved in keeping the club alive.

Volunteers are desperately needed for nearly every facet of the club including in the bar, canteen, ticket booths and even the crash crew – people with experience in the fire service is sorely needed.

Mareeba Speedway president Scott Davis said without volunteers, the club would have to stop operating as the national guidelines require a certain number of volunteers for specific roles such as stewards and officials.

“Each year we are always short of volunteers and it makes it really hard on the few that are here,” he said.

“Without the volunteers, people don’t get to play with their toys in the sandpit – they are so important that you cannot race without them.

“After each race meeting, all of the volunteers and race officials we have our time and have a few drinks and a laugh afterwards as well.”

The club is just a few short weeks away from hosting the first speedway meet of the year and barely a month away from hosting the Prosprints Championships on 7-8 July.

“We cannot exist without volunteers,” Mr Davis said.

“There is not one of us out there that is not a volunteer – the core of the club is volunteers.”

People interested in volunteering their time at the Mareeba Speedway will also get benefits including free entry to race meets.

To become a volunteer, give Mr Davis a call on 0417 609 995.


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