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30 March, 2023

Walkability priorities set

PRIORITIES to improve the walkability of Mareeba and Kuranda have been identified as part of walking network plans that will involve providing more footpaths and safer ways to cross busy intersections.

Walkability priorities set - feature photo

The Mareeba and Kuranda Walking Networks Plans aim to encourage more people to walk by boosting safety and providing missing links in footpaths to create more connectivity and increase the ability of people, such as those using mobility scooters, to travel around more easily.

“The Walking Network Plans are intended to provide a future Master Plan of the area’s walking network, and these documents allow council to develop a works schedule and an asset management plan,” Mayor Angela Toppin said.

“The Priority Works Program has been developed based on a combination of high-level criteria and assumptions, and council will progress with the projects as budget allows.”

Council has now endorsed the priority plans which contain more than 70 projects for Mareeba, sorted into short-term, medium-term and long-term categories.

In the short-term category (1-3 years), some footpaths have been identified as needing replacement while others have missing links, and several intersections have been identified for crossing improvements.

MAREEBA works include:

• Missing links in footpaths in Hastie, Rankin, Herberton, Walsh, Lloyd, Middlemiss and Constance streets.

• Replacement of substandard paver footpaths in Lloyd St (northern side), Walsh St (western side), Atherton St (south side), and Constance St.

• Footpath widening to 2m along Anzac Avenue

• A shared path from Rankin St to Kennedy St to connect schools with the town centre and residential areas.

• Wayfinding signage showing primary routes in the town centre and surrounds, and

• Crossing improvements at Hastie/Constance St intersection, Rankin/Walsh St roundabout, Atherton/Constance St intersection, Herberton/Constance St intersection, and Lloyd/Walsh St roundabout.

KURANDA works include:

• A new footpath in Arara St (from Barang St to Kuranda Library/Community Precinct), and along Therwine St (northern end to River Walk access).

• Crossing improvements on Coondoo St (east and west of Thongon St), and at the Barang/Thongon St intersection, and

• A footpath upgrade for the Jumrum Walk (Coondoo St to Barron Falls Rd).


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