23 September, 2023

Wallace gets the gold at worlds

In a remarkable display of tenacity and skill, former Ravenshoe local and Paralympian Trish Wallace, has clinched a gold and silver medal at the Para Powerlifting World Championships in Dubai.

Trish Wallace and her coach Simon at the powerlifting world championships.
Trish Wallace and her coach Simon at the powerlifting world championships.

Training hard up to six times a week in the lead-up to the championships, Wallace excelled in the 45+ Legends category, seizing the two medals.

This accomplishment marks her second medal-winning venture for Australia, following her earlier achievements of gold and bronze at the 2022 Asia Oceania Open Championships in Korea.

Trish's journey in the world of powerlifting commenced in 2017, embarking on a path that led her to numerous national competitions. 

Her recent foray onto the international stage was fuelled by her ambition to qualify for the prestigious Paris 2024 Paralympic Games. 

Although she didn’t qualify for the big games, Trish's elation remains palpable as she returns home with a 2kg improvement in her international personal best.

“I am still really happy with it all. You had to be in the top eight to get to the Olympics, which I didn’t get, but I was in the top 20,” he said.

“Dubai was just absolutely amazing and not what I expected at all – it was incredibly clean.”

Back in the gym, Wallace is set to compete in Thailand at the end of the year and then will head to Egypt to compete in another world championship. 


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