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11 August, 2023

Wind farm framework under review

LOCALS have the opportunity to comment on a review of the regulatory framework for wind farms in Queensland, with the State announcing a number of changes that it hopes will give clearer benchmarks for managing impacts of developments in the pipeline.

Wind farm framework under review - feature photo

The government says the review of the Wind Farm Code (State Code 23) and its accompanying guidelines is aimed at building greater community and industry confidence in clean energy projects.

State Code 23 already includes requirements aimed at ensuring wind farms are designed and operated to minimise adverse impacts on the natural environment, ecological processes, visual amenity, air services, transport networks and noise levels.

The Wind Farm Code and accompanying guidelines will be reviewed to:

▪ Better protect areas of high ecological and biodiversity value

▪ Protect the Great Barrier Reef from the impact of construction

▪ Identify and assess viable haulage routes upfront

▪ Bring acoustic criteria into line with current best practice approaches

▪ Highlight rehabilitation requirements and expectations; and

▪ Require proponents to investigate the impact their construction will have on local workforces and accommodation

The State Code guideline will be amended to reflect these changes and to provide clarity on how to frame and support applications, to align with the code.

Under Queensland’s current planning laws, the State Government already assesses all wind farm applications through its State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA).

SARA has assessed and approved a number of wind farms in Queensland in recent years, but the rollout of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan means more opportunities are being presented, than ever before. 

The proposed changes are open for community consultation until Monday 4 September. 


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