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29 May, 2022

Work experience opens new doors

LAST week The Express team had the pleasure of hosting Mareeba State High School student Brooke Butler for her Grade 10 work experience, where she learned the ins and outs of the newsroom.

Work experience opens new doors - feature photo

From learning how to interview, write and take photos to getting an insight into how the paper is designed, printed, and published online, Brooke learned it all.

 Out of all of the experiences during her week-long stint at The Express, Brooke said her favourite part was meeting new people and learning how to wield the camera.

 “It was definitely a lot of fun going out and learning to take photos and learning how to interview people,” she said. “It was amazing hearing people’s stories and seeing all the work that is being done behind the scenes at The Express. “Working for a newspaper is definitely an option I have for when I leave school in two years.”


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