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23 January, 2024


TODAY we launch the first ever Express Yourself! Community Survey – an exercise we hope will give everyone across the region an opportunity to have their say on issues affecting our communities.

YOUR SAY MATTERS - feature photo

We have taken this decision in a year when both Local Government and State Government will go to the polls – we want to make sure they know how our communities feel about issues such as roads, health services and crime and that we deserve better.

The survey will only take around seven minutes and is full of questions you want to answer.

We ask about why you live in our region – its advantages and disadvantages and what, if anything, you would like to have up here. Perhaps a modern cinema complex or some public transport?

You can rate our shopping up here, tell us what you have to travel to Cairns for and We ask whether you think we need an alternative road to the coast – one that is robust and reliable and doesn’t fail regularly during our wet season – and whether you even feel safe driving the Kuranda Range Road.

We tackle State issues like crime - have you been a victim and do you feel safe to walk our streets at night or even in your own home?

We ask about your State members and how you would rate them, and whether you would vote for them again.

We give you the opportunity to rate your council’s effectiveness in delivering services to you, and even if you want them to put on New Year’s Eve fireworks. 

For Mareeba Shire residents, we have included a question about whether you want a kerbside recycling service like most other councils provide.

This is your chance to have your say about things that matter to you.

We will take your answers and make sure we use them to hold our councils and our politicians to account.

So have your say and do the Express Yourself! Community Survey. 

Click here to get started:


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